1. Delivery date: The general delivery estimate is 10 days, unless otherwise indicated in the product description. Delivery is dispatched once all items of an order are available at the warehouse. Customer will be informed in respect of respective delays.
  2. Right of withdrawal: In the event of any permanent impediment to delivery outside of our responsibility (e.g. force majeure or non-delivery by our deliverer despite timely and congruent hedging), we shall be entitled to withdraw from the respective agreement so entered into with customer. In such event we shall inform customer immediately and shall return advance payments received by us in respect of such orders.
  3. All deliveries hereunder are made under reservation of title, provided such legal instrument is available in the target country of such sale.


 in Germany 4,90 €   
 to Austria 12,00 €   
 to Switzerland 18,00 €   
in all other countries from the EU and EFTA 15,00 €   
in all other countries outside the EU and EFTA 18,00 €   


When shipping to countries outside the EU, the customer bears all possible customs duties and any export and import charges.